How Ukraine has lost industry.


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In the world, and in Russia, they are accustomed to talking about Russia, as a country that does not produce anything, which lies in ruins since the early 1990s. And, in general, they attack it in all directions, even on the direction where certain successes have been made in recent years. In general, the case is understandable and we will not discuss. Let’s try today to switch attention from Russia to Ukraine. Yes, it is on her. Because, quite recently, 30 years ago, this country was as part of the Soviet Union, and it was an integral part. There was Ukraine and one of the most powerful industrial centers, since in the USSR in the industry there were deep cooperation of production. Therefore, most sectors of the economy were related to each other. But after the collapse of the USSR — all connections were trimmed, and the industry was forced to go to market rails. Of course, in Russia, some productions were lost, some were afloat. Nevertheless, today we see that the Russian industry is restored and restores, recreates production, opens new and not recognize it is stupid. So, now we learn what kind of production were lost in Ukraine over the past 30 years.

Let’s tell me that after the collapse of the USSR Ukraine became, in addition to Russia, the second on the industrial potential, but to today, a lot is irrevocable, especially, after breaking with Russia in 2014.


This industry, which has gained a terrible blow after the collapse of the common country. Handsome and pride of the Soviet Aviation Industry «Antonov» at the moment in decline. After 2014, all the more, the latest hopes for normal functioning and, possibly, new projects and orders were collapsed, since there were completely conversations with Russia’s aviation industry. We simulate that even after the collapse of the USSR, the enterprise had the main partner in the face of Russia. Of course, the company works, but practically does not produce a plane. And it came to the fact that for a large number of years, a single aircraft was produced by the Ukrainian «airligant». And this means that Ukraine loses its aircraft industry, and without Russia will lose it for sure.

Rocket and industrial industry

After the collapse of the USSR, more than 100 enterprises were left on the territory of Ukraine, which were located in the Rocket and Space Society of the Soviet Union. These were KB, Research Institute, Plants and Test Centers. Today, Ukraine is trying to keep the industry afloat, and after a gap with Russia in 2014 — it became clear that with the space industry of Ukraine in a very soon time it can be finished by the hands of this neighboring country. Since 2014, the enterprise of the plant «Yuzhmash» has been practically idle and from 2014 to 2017 a single rocket was not issued. Now the future of the rocket and space industry of Ukraine is incomprehensible, since cooperation with Russia is over, and its self-sufficiency after that, Ukraine could not.


After the collapse of the USSR in Ukraine, a double drop of steel production occurred. However, in the steel market, Ukraine remained a major player. In 2013, the Ukrainian steel industry produced 32.824 million tons of steel, so she was in a tenth place in the list of world steel producers. For example, Ukraine requires the update of the composition of cars and locomotives on Ukrainian railways, but there are no orders in principle. And these orders would be enough to ensure that Ukraine can revive its metallurgical industry. But then everything hangs in the air, and time goes. After the start of the political crisis and the actual civil war in Ukraine in 2014, this country lost southeastern territories. On this territory there are large plants, deposits of ore and power in their prey. And here it is clear that Ukraine needs cooperation with Russia.

Mechanical engineering

After the collapse of the USSR, the enterprises of the engineering sector remained in Ukraine. But in cooperation with Russia, this industry was kept, received orders from Russia. Ukraine produced various equipment, machines and appliances for Russia. The most important thing was orders, although Russia and Ukraine survived the 1990s. When it was necessary to integrate into the market. But after 2014, the cooperation collapsed and the engineering of Ukraine on the verge of bankruptcy. If Russian enterprises managed to support Ukrainian products with the support of the government, the Ukrainian products of mechanical engineering do not need neither in the European Union or in other countries, not counting bearings and other components.

We conclude. Ukraine will be very difficult to restore their almost lost sectors of the economy. It becomes clear that Ukraine needs cooperation only with Russia. Only Russia needs products from Ukraine. But this is just until the Ukrainian industry is preserved at least. But after complete import substitution in Russia — and this we will not need it. Of all the past industrial power, Ukraine remained so much. Of course, some remained. But there are so that there are «afloat.» In addition, we must not forget that competent engineers and specialists are leaving from Ukraine, including Russia. Time will show what will be the future of the Ukrainian industry.

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