How Ukraine got rid of the «White Swan», and Russia revived him from «ash»


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Everyone who is familiar with the theme of aviation is aware of the existence of a domestic supersonic strategic bomber-rocket-shell Tu-160. In kind of this unique car. It is equipped with a wing with a variable sweep. The bomber is designed in Tupolev OKB in the 1970s. Operated began in 1987. In essence, he has been for more than 30 years. Of course, in Russia the replacement of this bombarder is being developed. But today it is not about this, and the fact that the fate of this, as it is also called, «White Swan».

It so happened that just a few years after the start of operation Tu-160, the Soviet Union broke up. At the time of 1992, 19 new Tu-160 missiles remained in Ukraine. Naturally, in Russia they were smaller and they were based in Engels. Nevertheless, over the years «Saints» 90s, Russia managed to maintain his park of the newest Tu-160. In addition, Russia did not minimize its production, although in January 1992, Boris Yeltsin spoke of a possible suspension of serial production of Tu-160. But this is only if the United States ceases serial production of its B-2 aircraft. The Russian president had enough political will not make a fatal mistake. What can not be said about fraternal Ukraine.

In 1998, Ukraine began the demonstrative destruction of his Soviet heritage, namely Rocket’s Tu-160. And the funny thing is that Ukraine even has no money for it. Funds for humiliating destruction Dali USA under the Nanna program — Lugar. The first aircraft, in general, destroyed in sight of everyone, as they say. In total, the Ukrainian side was painted 10 tu-160 missiles. One was brought to a nebathic condition and placed in Poltava to the Fapt and Strategic Aviation Museum. The last remaining Tu-160 was destroyed in 2001. Such turned out to be the fate of rocket mines Tu-160 «White Swan» in fraternal Ukraine.

In Russia, not to such madness did not reach. On the contrary, our authorities managed to negotiate in 1999 with the Ukrainian side of the transfer to us eight Tu-160 and three Tu-95. Instead, our replied to Ukraine part of the debts of gas purchases. The last two saved Tu-160 went home home to Russia on February 21, 2000. Thus, Russia has kept its nuclear triad. At the time of 2001, Russia had 15 tu-160 missile mines. It is known that in modern Russia in service with 17 strategic appointments of Tu-160, both upgraded and completely new, produced quite recently. Recall that the production of these aircraft is in full swing. In addition, there is information that the total number of such modernized bombers will be brought to 30-50 pieces. This is taking into account that in full swing is the development of the newest long-range bombarder of the new generation.

In any case, it is good news, because Russia’s frontiers need to be well protected for cloudless future and progressive development. As they say, «who does not feed their army, feeds someone else.»

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