How to build state-capitalism in Russia helps in the development of new projects


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In the world and in Russia itself it is customary to perceive our country as a pool-roll country. But this has not been true for a long time. It is necessary to understand that Russia is a high-tech state in which, in which there is no will be afraid of the words, which are not developed in other countries. You can hate as much as you like our homeland and talking about her bad words, but Russia is already different. In essence, Russia is the only country among all the former republics of the Soviet Union, which was able to revive from the ashes and the collapse of the Gorbachev Perestroika and the Yeltsin «Wild Capitalism».

The fact is that people themselves do not understand that the country has changed. Of course, we are accustomed to everything to measure our wallet. And this is true. But it is impossible to deny the fact that Russia has changed for the better. Adult generation and those who have seen the 1990s. — They will confirm that now — Russia is different. Perhaps even, for the first time in its history, Russia — finally became on those rails that she should have. The possible construction of state capitalism, coupled with the social state — this is the «Golden for us», which should be, and not that «wild capitalism» or «Communist Experiment».

People most likely, and do not notice that after the events of the events in the fraternal for us, Ukraine in 2014 and coming there, the pro-American authorities — Russia began to change rapidly. And she began to change, it was for the better. In many aspects, our country has become distanced from the West, which gives a greater incentive for development. It’s just that the young generation does not understand that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, our state, in fact, suffered collapse, both economic and political. In the Russian power structures, such elements have fallen, which were constantly influenced by our economy.

But after the beginning of the 2000s. the situation has changed. And in Russia, finally, began to «twist nuts». But nevertheless, the West wanted to restrain the development of Russia and on. But after the events in Ukraine — Russia could not endure it further. As a result, it turned out a gap with the West on the initiative of the West, which thus wanted to engage Russia again. But something went not according to plan. Russia, again, surrendered and demonstrated that this is not the West needed Russia, and Russia is the West. People disagreeable with this position may not agree. This is their right. But recent years in Russia, if you notice, there are ubiquitous construction sites, new projects are put into operation and laid new projects.

Isn’t that? Look on the Internet. But people will better begin to bring in the example of a «sweet» life in the USA, the European Union and even, China. But you have to be a fool to think that there is better than in Russia. Compare some roads and skyscrapers under construction — incorrect. First, the climate in Russia and its huge sizes are not allowed to build roads as in the EU and China, as they say «on the century». Every year, they need to be repaired, for which billions of rubles of budget funds are left. Well, the skyscrapers are built in Russia. Yes, and not in skyscrapers beauty, but in another, in an eco-friendly and comfortable city or village. After all, it is impossible to forget about villages.

Anyway. Enough convincing arguments. I will say that in Russia, again, a new large-scale project is given. This time, in the settlement of Ust-Luga, the construction of a new cluster for the processing of natural gas began in the Leningrad region in May of this year. More specifically, this will be a new complex for the processing of ethane-containing gas. This is a joint project «Gazprom» and «RusGazdobychi». In fact, it will be a kind of huge cluster, where gas processing will be carried out, and the liquefaction of natural gas. This plant is essentially one of Europe largest in Europe in terms of the production of liquefied natural gas.

Many will say that the enterprise «Tolstosuum» is being built for their benefit and will stuff their pockets, and nothing will come to the people. But actually it is not. That’s what Russia should still do with its natural wealth if they have it. Moreover, Gazprom is controlled by the state (50% of the shares of the state) and the huge profits go to the state treasury. These funds, including, go to the payment of the same benefits and pensions. In general, everything is interconnected and the idea that the people will not receive and the ruble are not justified and is not true. Then why do the authorities create the United States Corporation? And so that it is all systematized after chaos of the 1990s, to give a second life to enterprises and have permanent income to replenish the treasury, if this can be called.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.