How much and what they put in the USSR Western Suzniki on Land Lizu


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The theme of Land Lisa in the history of the Great Patriotic War will always be relevant, especially in our time, when Western «specialists» and internal «pseudo-historicals» and traitors are trying to rewrite the history of war. Nameway, they want to rewrite and as. Basically, these are pro-Western liberal circles who want to put a traitor to General Vlasov almost a hero and, as it turned out, a democrat who walked to liberate Russia along with German liberators. In general, Trash is still the same. So, those and others want to put up the Soviet Union that he endured the war precisely thanks to Land Lisa and only him. But is it really? Well, let’s try to figure out. Take today the most important components of Land Lisa. Those material and technical names that were most significant in the Soviet Union.

At the very beginning, take the food part of Land Lisa. According to official data, in the Soviet Union for all time of the war, the Western Allies on the Anti-Hitler coalition of 1.5 million tons of food was supplied. This includes flour, grain stew, sugar. Immediately need to say that in food relations, the West Land Liz has played a significant part, especially in the first half of the war. Some deliveries were more than their production in the USSR. But it is impossible to forget about the help of Mongolia and Tuva, who gave us throughout the war, practically, all their stocks and worked for the Soviet Union. In total, the USSR was praised by 4.5 million tons. The Soviet Union also covered with industrial equipment and raw materials. This, let’s say, belongs to the jet fuel, which was put in our country from the Western countries as much as 476 thousand tons. Also, in the USSR during the war years, 170 thousand tons of aluminum and duralumin, 42 thousand tons of zinc, 88 thousand tons of gunpowders, 49 thousand tons of lead were set. Of course, some types of supplies blocked only some of their share produced in the USSR itself, but nevertheless, their merit is big. For example, rolled steel supplied from the United States.

In the USSR, 152 thousand units of small arms were delivered. But it was only 0.5% of those produced by the Soviet Union himself, which during the war years produced 29 million small arms units. In addition, there were 13 thousand guns and mortars. It is about 2.5% of the USSR themselves during the war years (more than 500 thousand guns and mortars). Allies put 13 thousand units of tanks and self-propelled guns. This is almost 10% of those produced in the USSR itself, which produced 133 thousand units of tanks and self-propelled guns. Well, airplanes: 18.3 thousand units of combat aircraft were put. They also received 8 thousand units of anti-aircraft guns, although they themselves produced 38 thousand units. This is 13% of the total number of produced in the USSR. The USSR produced 140.5 thousand units of combat aircraft. But the allies set 375 thousand units of trucks during the war years of war and 35 thousand motorcycles. In addition, the USSR received 105 anti-submarine ships. And yes, more than 15 million pairs of army boots were supplied to the USSR. It is also important that the Soviet Union received 7.1 thousand units of armored personnel carriers, almost 2 thousand locomotives and 11 thousand wagons.

Coming to the conclusion, I would like to say that Land Liz was very important for the Soviet Union and cannot be misrepresenting him. Nevertheless, the topic of Land Lisa in no case should not be a tool in the hands of Russia’s ill-wishers in the issue of the key contribution of our country in the defeat of Germany at the European Theater of World War II. Definitely, more than 70% of the forces of Germany and its allies — defeated the Soviet Union and its multinational people.

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