How important are the United States for the global economy


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In recent years, topics have been mutated that the United States will soon decide and quiet and grace will come in the world. Perhaps it is so in the plan of the «democracy» plan in other countries. But what will happen if the states are scented as a country and how can it affect the global economy? This is not all thinking about this when they want the decay of this country. They do not understand how important it is important for the entire global economy, if you discard all the «for» and «against».

For the beginning, justice, let’s say that many sectors of the economy are very developed in the USA: industry, agricultural complex, mining sector, services and finance services. As if the United States was taken out of its production to China and India, but in fact, entire industrial sectors remain in the states themselves, on which millions of ordinary Americans work. And in most of the production, the world’s largest American companies that are engaged in a huge amount of product exports abroad are dominated. That is, American goods dominate in the world. Of course, Chinese products on the world market, including in the States, is becoming more and more every year. But, American is better than products from China. By the way, for many industrial goods and technologies, foreign, not American companies take a license from the US. This means that the production technology and the very idea are developed in the United States. Here, the United States has their intellectual property. Take the same technology for creating microprocessors — which is developed in the United States, the rest of the countries simply copy it.

Now imagine if this system collapses. The consequences will not be comforting. To some extent, the United States is to blame for this. It is for them as a gift to control the whole world. But at the same time, this is burden. Since well-being in the world in the world — depends on well-being. Although, this well-being is conditional and affects, mainly the economic side. If the American economy collapses, the whole world economy collapses, and even Chinese. Why you ask, but because the Chinese economy works for American. Will not be the USA — will not be the Chinese economy. It will be bad, very poor oil giants, because the states consume a lot of oil, up to 30% global. There will be problems in all countries of the world without exception. And Russia will not be sweet, it is clear what shocks will be in our economy. She will also collapse. Imported goods will be not available.

In a political spectrum, changes will also occur. Especially for world security. But here, even we will not say.

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