Historical day in astronautics.


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I did not have time for the NASA’s new Marshod arrive at Mars, as we immediately got the first shots from the surface of the Red Planet. After that, lovers of cosmonautics and spaces — enjoyed a real sound from this planet. In addition, with the Marshoda, real video frames of the Rover landing and a huge variety of photos from the surroundings of the surface of Mars, where Perseverance was landing. But that’s not all. With me, the rover brought the second device. It is unique, since for the first time delivered outside the land. This apparatus is a robotic helicopter, and in fact Dron Ingenuity.

As stated in NASA, the device made his first flight in the atmosphere of Mars in April of this year. In essence, this is the first test flight. It is made around 7:30 am Greenwich, it is at 10:30 am Moscow time. Of course, for some time I had to wait for the results. So processing, sending data to Earth and their time on the way — takes time.

In general, the entire process was controlled by the on-board computer of the aircraft itself. Also, the device removed everything on the camera. It is worth adding that the mercier also watched the first flight of the man-made object in the atmosphere of another planet. Perseverance cameras watched the Ingenuity drone flight from a distance of 76 meters. The obtained data from Mars confirm that the entire test flight process was successful. Although a few days before that, I had to postpone the previously scheduled flight of Ingenuity because of technical problems.

But, fortunately, all the first historical flight of the aircraft created by the man created — successfully flew from the surface of Mars. The essence of the test flight was that Dron NASA rose above the surface of three meters, and then hung in the air for 30 seconds. After that, he turned around and made a soft landing on four supports installed in the bottom. Note that on Mars is heavier to take off the blade drone, since the density of the atmosphere of Mars is significantly lower than on Earth, ten times. Therefore, this requires such blades that rotate much faster than on Earth.

Dron Ingenuity Helicopter is designed to collect stones, soil, as well as for storage. In the future, after 5-10 years, another NASA apparatus will arrive at these samples, which will deliver them to the Earth for a more detailed study by scientists.

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