Green energy showed its high «efficiency»


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About the «green» energy does not speak only lazy. Talks about its efficiency, cheapness and need for the benefit of our planet. Postulates, sort of true. Indeed, the preservation of the balance in ecology is necessary and the future depends on it. But according to the result, it came to the point that in some countries of the world — at all abandoned the non-renewable energy in the overwhelming majority and switched to the «green» energy, the so-called renewable energy. Well, what good. And the ecology was pulled up and electricity became cheaper. But, as it turned out, temporarily. With the first serious impact of the elements, the «green» energy showed its high «efficiency». And now, about everything in order.

Not only in 2020, a pandemic hit the global economy and health care, which began 2021 — gave an even greater blow to the countries of the West, first of all. This time, the winter of this year was very snowy and frosty for Europe, Japan and the United States. All would be nothing, but we remember with you that the countries of Europe (not everything, of course) switched to a more «reasonable» «green» energy, nor the fact that Russia, which, especially, is in no hurry to increase the power of renewable energy. So, extreme frosts up to minus 20 hit Europe and the energy of some European countries rose. But here, again, the Russians helped, which the same civilized Europeans watered mud. But we will not leave good and in trouble — because we are people, first of all.

And now I will explain that in Europe it happened specifically. Above, I already indicated that twenty-degree frost and snowfall struck in Europe. Still remember, a few weeks ago, they were offended, even Spain and frost sank to minus 20 degrees. The horror is simple … for Europeans, not for us. But everything would be nothing, but snow blizzards and frosts in minus 20 degrees hit the heart of Europe — Germany. And as it is known, Germany, systematically, the last 20 years agitated for the «green» energy, discredited a simple TPP on non-renewable energy, reducing them to a minimum. Everything came to the point that the share of «green» energy in the German energy system has increased to more than half. And so, when the real Russians, but also «longs», frosts hit Europe — it was not ready for such a turn of events. Yes, a lot who turned out to be not ready in Europe. Even seemingly northern country, Sweden.

Wind power plants in Europe, especially in Germany stood with a cola. And not just got up, and they themselves had to serve, spending energy on it. Windmills blades just frozen, and because of the strong frosts, the absolute calm was established, and where there were winds — they became dangerous for the work of wind power plants. In general, they showed all their beauty and work efficiency at a lower temperature. The question is asked, the Europeans could not take care of what such a situation could happen? And so, Russia again came to the aid of ungrateful, in the literal sense of the word — Europeans. Gas on pipelines for the bottom of the Baltic Sea, and even through Ukraine — worked for all power and supplied the saving Russian natural gas to Europe. The German TPPs, fed by Russian gas, earned again to save the freezing.

France, which retained its nuclear energy — feels in today’s frost and snow — better than others. After all, nuclear energy is not terrible frost. The Germans are not. German nuclear power produced 11.7% of electricity in the country at the time of 2018. Therefore, Germany almost froze. A similar situation in Japan, those on the verge of a collapse, because after the accident on Fukushima in 2011 — stopped nuclear power stations, and in a strong frost and snowfall for this country, risk frozen. A separate story occurred in the USA, especially in the state of Texas. Funny, of course, nothing. But this state «Green» energy brought to the handle. In critical frosts (the thermometer dropped down the minus 10 degrees), which is very bad for the local warm edges, the windmills just frozen and they also had to warm them, spending energy on it. Saved the staff of Texas neighboring states that began to supply electricity from their TPPs. Even the shale gas did not save, as it needs energy there for its prey.

The conclusion is very stern. The terrible dream of the entire Western world begins to come true. Namely, Russia becomes a global energy power. After all, there is an energy monopolism of Russia. Europe was saved, Americans did not save, even their notorious shale gas. And how guys have gathered to save Europe if frosts are repeated in the future and this despite the fact that the «green» all Western world continue to put pressure on the benefits of «green» energy. So that the energy challenge of Russia of the European Union is not far off. And their nuclear power plants — they will not build, since the «green» asset will not give it to do it.

And this means that Putin’s strategy to nuclear energy and gasification, which was delivered for more than ten years ago — gave its fruits. Now in Russia the construction of new NPPs is underway, including abroad. Yes, Russia is not completely gasified, but our country is the most prepared for the winters. So that such incidents happen in Russia are nonsense and this does not happen in principle. And in the near future, from Russia will depend on, almost all countries of the world who need heat and energy. But, after all, it is necessary to understand that in fact, world cooling comes in the world, and not warming. Periods of cooling and warming cyclics, and just came the cycle of cooling, which will last not one century. And in order to believe, you need at least, to re-read the literature from the ancient Greeks and the Romans or the same Scandinavian sagas, which as Prism — describe the climate, which changed over the past two to three thousand years and more than once.

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