Germany planned after the Kursk battle to conclude peace with the Soviet Union


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When Germany in 1941 attacked the Soviet Union, she planned according to the plan «Barbarossa» to complete the war within 4-5 months. At first, in Germany everything went according to plan, but approaching Smolensk, the German command understood that the Red Army is not going to give up just like that. The fierce resistance of the Red Army, led to the fact that by November 1941, Wehrmacht approached Moscow very sweetened. After the counter-offentenance of the Red Army near Moscow, the German command did not even decide to step on the capital of the Soviet Union to complete the war.

After the Stalingrad battle, the German command understood that Germany war against the Soviet Union was not to win. Therefore, the whole spring and the beginning of the summer of 1943, Germany has grown strength at the Kursk direction to carry out an offensive operation and push the Red Army on a strategically important direction. At the victory, the German leadership no longer hoped. Nevertheless, for this operation, the German command mobilized the entire industry and human reserves. The newest tanks «Tigers», «Panthers» and «Ferdinanda» were transferred. All this, the Germans did not in vain, because they had a few more goals. This is revenge for crushing defeat near Moscow and in Stalingrad.

By the summer of 1943, the German command began to understand that they would not be able to win the war in the Soviet Union in principle. After all, Germany did not have any industrial reserves, nor human. And the operation in the Oryol-Kursk direction the German command planned to turn simply into a beautiful completion of the war. Yes, this is what they wanted to actually do if you believe the post-war memories of the German generals.

In general, since 1943, German generals have already begun to talk about the separatic world with the Soviet Union. In addition to them, Benito Mussolini spoke about him. Even Hitler began to think about it. But Hitler was finished to finish the war in the waters, and not as defeated. The victory in the battle near Kursk Hitler wanted to make an argument for more favorable conditions of the world or truce with the Soviet Union. After all, at that time, the foreign policy situation was quite favorable for Germany.

For example, in the spring of 1943, Great Britain suspended supplies on Land Lesu. After all, the allies were preparing for disembarking on Sicily and weapons with appliances were needed. Also, there is information about the secret negotiations between Stalin and Tito that if the British landing and Americans occur to the Balkans, the Yugoslav partisans will have to start a war against them together with the German army.

Therefore, Hitler was counting on the world with the Soviet Union after the Kursk battle. But the Germans could not be defeated, but on the contrary, after the battle, the Red Army passed into the offensive and no one could stop until the USSR.

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