Germany is torn to the «Cosmic Power Club».


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Over the past decades, the whole world is used to and knows that Russia and the United States are the main space powers. So there is, Russia is undoubtedly a powerful cosmic power with a huge potential and scientific and technical base. But many challenges this fact and begin to argue that the United States and China is more than that of Russia the number of rocket launches, their devices are furious to spaces of space, and this means only one thing that Russia is hopelessly behind them.

In fact, if you think more, Russia did not lag behind these countries in principle. Yes, indeed, China makes successful steps in astronautics, but for Russia it is not a reason for concern, but a maximum signal to a more intensive development of domestic cosmonautics forced pace and the implementation of the tasks already delivered.

But today we will talk about Germany. Yes, it is about her. In general, you will not think to Germany, as on that country, which represents a lot of weight in world cosmonautics or has certain far-reaching ambitions in this area. But it was until recently. Now, much has changed. It is necessary to understand that in Germany there is a center of aviation and cosmonautics. It is also called the National Center for Aerospace, Energy and Transport Research. Nevertheless, the share of this country in world cosmonautics is so big.

But, quite recently it became known that Germany rushes into cosmic powers. Yes, this is exactly the case. But here, we need to understand the fact that Germany is not going to go along the path of Russia, the United States or China, creating a piloted cosmonautics. This is clear from the fact that Germany alone will not build the necessary rockets and non-cosmic ships. Here they are easier and cheaper to fly on Russian or American ships. The goal of Germany in space is another.

The thing is that the commercial market of space launches is only gaining momentum and Germany wants to get their dividends from it. Moreover, according to forecasts, it is known that in the next decade, the launches of space satellites in orbit will only increase. Therefore, German business would like to see Germany one of the leading countries in the world for commercial launch of apparatuses into space. This is not all, because in addition, it is known that German business has plans for exploration and mining of cosmic resources. No wonder, such plans for all space-faring nations.

Now, by the essence of the question. How does Germany want to achieve their weighty place in the «Cosmic Power Club»? The question, of course, is interesting, but there is an answer to it. The fact is that in 2020 in Germany a German alliance of sea cosmodromes was created. And this year, the Federation of German Industry approved the creation of a German floating cosmodrome, from which cosmic missiles from the North Sea water area in the territorial waters of Germany will be launched. It is known that under the starting platform, one of the ships will be converted, which is located in the city of Bremerhaven, in the north of Germany. The first launch is scheduled for 2023.

One of the main customers can be a state in whose interest builds the German grouping of satellites in orbit, as well as German private aerospace companies and a large business operating in this area. It becomes clear that overseas customers will be involved in the use of the German floating cosmodrome. So here is, Germany is trying to enter the world cosmic powers. Whether she will get it — time will show.

Now, an extreme question: «Is it worth thinking about Russia about this»? The answer is unequivocal: «No». Russia is one of the advanced cosmic powers and to worry about the German space program there is no single occasion. Moreover, Russia has the current commercial market for launching missiles for years. And Russia is reliable for this market, since the rocket launches themselves are reliable. In addition, Russia has its own interests in the outer space, which must be carried out in a rigorous plan, and not look around to countries that are behind it for many decades.

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