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No one else is no secret that the next decade or two will become its ruble for the development of outer space. That man becomes completely understandable will return to the moon. Only this time, on an ongoing basis. At least, humanity will try to do it. Moreover, technological development has reached such a limit that allows people to begin the scientific development of the Moon on a permanent basis.

Here, I mean the construction of a dwelling station in the orbit of the Moon or the dwelling station on the surface of our natural satellite. Of course, it becomes clear that the race for leadership is becoming in this sphere today. The main countries that have already stated that they are exactly flying to the moon — are: Russia, the USA and China. In the case of the United States, together with this country there will be some other countries from the European Space Agency (ESA) and Canada.

In the case of Russia and China, one thing is known one thing that they fly to the moon alone. But quite recently came quite interesting news. The fact is that Russia and China decided together to build an international scientific lunar station (ENLS). At the first stage, it will be such a certain set of experimental research funds. This complex will be both orbit and on the surface of the moon. All this will be wearing a research goal.

With Russia and China is understandable. But there is another ambitious project on the construction of an international near-class orbital station, which is called Gateway. The flagship on the construction of this station, of course, are the United States. But their friends of their European Space Agency will come to hell (ESA). In addition, there will be countries such as Canada and Japan-Shondly allies of the United States, in principle. Earlier, Russia participated in the project, but for obvious reasons, she came out of the project.

The station itself should have several modules and is intended to stay a whole crew of astronauts. The first in space according to the plan should be sent an American electric motor module (PPE), which is now in the United States at the creation stage. It will be delivered to orbit, the company SPACEX in 2024 on Falcon Heavy Rocket. The module will have solar panels and engines for maneuvering. The mass of the module will be up to 7.5 tons.

In addition, a small residential module (MHM) will be installed at the station, which will allow the piloted landing to the moon and be on its surface crew of 4 people to 30 days. Also, there is a European ESPRIT European module. The international residential module, which also found his place at this station — will allow the crew to be in the orbit of the Moon from one to two months. And of course, there will be a separate American residential module.

At the station that got the name Gateway will be installed supply modules and robotic hand Robotic ARM, created by Canada. Russia assigned the role of the creation of a gateway module for American standards. But Russia refused to be a secondary role and now, it is not clear what will be with this module, since Russia has richest experience in this field. It is planned that the delivery of goods and astronauts — the ship «Orion» will be engaged, the Spacex company partially involved here. The preliminary date of the piloted flight to the surface of the moon is 2024.

The station itself needs humanity. Scientific progress should move on in spite of political disagreement, so all projects, whether Russian, Chinese or American — should, in any case, be implemented. In general, wait and see.

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