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The military component has always been an essential area for any major power that occupies a dominant role in the world. This is Russia. In general, our country over the last, at least 500 years old — plays one of the most important roles in the world. The army and, subsequent fleet, is what allows you to ensure stability in the state both inside and on the external approaches. How else? It should be understood that a simple working plant or a teacher at the institute will not be able to work calmly and peacefully for the benefit of his country if its frontiers are not protected properly. For Russia, as for the largest country in the world, which occupies a huge continental part of Eurasia, so at all, the presence of a powerful, not deprived of the army and fleet is necessary as air. That is, this is the key to the sovereignty of Russia and its existence as a state. That is, the modernization and maintenance of a combat-ready army and fleet — Russia does not need to be missed in no way. The presence of a powerful army and fleet, as if, and will provide the Russian translation.

And now, let’s talk about the navy. Namely, whether Russia needs aircraft carriers. Then the question is twofold. On the one hand, you need, but on the other — no. Russia, of course, besides the land powder, also maritime, including. Since, has a huge length of its sea coastline, especially in the Arctic zone. In addition, we have a huge extended marine line in the Far East. There is access to the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas — which is not unavailable. The presence of such a large exit to the world Ocean, Russia is simply obliged to have a large combal navy. But do you need aircraft carriers in its composition? I’ll try to answer. To begin with, you need to understand why you need aircraft carriers. On the example of the United States, we see that the presence of a huge number of aircraft carriers — allows them to dominate the World Ocean. But, let’s understand what kind of domination does this aviance group give?

Its aviance groups, this country uses, as for intimidation or intimidation (democracy, in all its manifestations), as well as for real combat. We have seen this on the example of Iraq and a number of other countries that were attacked by NATO for the last 20 years. Blows were applied using deck aviation from aircraft carriers. But in conditions, if the United States goes into a direct military clash with the same Russia, this country risks losing its aircraft carriers, which will be destroyed, not even the Navy of Russia, but rocket troops. Here and snag. Since Russia is a country that is not engaged in expansionist politics, but only, the policy of deterrent, it turns out and does not need aircraft carriers. It is enough to destroy the aircraft carriers with hypersonic weapons. These rockets can freely penetrate through the barrier for aircraft carriers — that is, through the shipping groups to hide and apply a powerful blow that sweeps this mahuer. Do not forget that still, there is a very effective response from the Navy, these are submarines. Which, too, can go deep into and apply a rocket or torpedo strike by aircraft carrier. That is, in fact, this class of ships is defenseless, but this is if he has an insufficient troubleshooting, which in theory can protect the aircraft carrier. But whether it can protect against hypersonic weapons — it is not clear. In the near future, it is unlikely.

Nevertheless, in any case, for the so-called DMZ fleet (long marine zone) — aircraft carriers will be needed to solve local problems in the event of a military confrontation. So to speak. The presence of 4-5 units of the newest aircraft carriers for Russia are necessary. This is: 2 units in the Far East, and one in the Black, Baltic and Barents seas. Airlines will help Russia to effectively protect distant approaches to their native shores, including not mediocre off the coast, in case the Supostat comes, gets. Of course, from the very shore — the bomber and fighters will effectively work. Nevertheless, the presence of aircraft carriers will help us firmly go to the world ocean. After all, the same China creates its own airborne fleet. And now, the answer to the question. Yes, the aircraft carriers of Russia are needed, since their necessity, the same participation of Russia in the war in Syria has shown. In general, to protect long-range approaches to Russia — aircraft carriers will help us accurately, and in lifting the authority on the world arena, although it is so in Russia. But to become, except for the land power, including the marine power — the presence of the specified number of units of aircraft carriers — Russia is necessary.

Let me remind you that there are three aircraft carrier projects for the Russian Navy, such as «Storm», «Lamine».

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