Did you think, at which ruler Russia has grown most geographically


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For at least the last 300 years, Russia is the largest country in the world. But this, except for the UK with its numerous colonies. And then it becomes clear that at some specified point Russia received these territories: attached voluntarily, part conquered. In general, it does not matter, but the fact that the land of Russia has increased — fact. But did you think when and at which rulers have increased most of all in its sizes? May be. But also to answer this question, of course, it will be difficult for those who know the history of our country is not particularly good.

I will try to answer this question. Perhaps you will be surprised, but most of all Russia has grown in the territorial plan in the 17th century, after a devastating troubled time. And the moment, huge territories to Russia were attached under the king, which in the history of our country or do not notice, or have not yet appreciated its contribution to the formation of Russia as a sustainable state. This king is Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov, who was called «silent.» Maybe you already understood what territories are we talking about. Of course, at the beginning, with Ivan Grozny, the troops of the Cossacks under the leadership of Ermak won the territory of Siberian Khanate. And then, already at Boris Godunov, the Russians advanced and strengthened deeply in Western Siberia, founding Tomsk in 1604. But this is not the biggest territorial increments to Russia. As mentioned above, the largest territorial acquisitions were under the second king of the Romanov Dynasty — Alexei Mikhailovic. Let me remind you that he rules in 1645-1676. With it, there was that the most classical Russia, not yet reformed on the Western manner, later under his son Peter the First Great.

Russia, with the greatest Russian monarch, received huge territories: East Siberia and the Far East, while leading, war from the Qing (Chinese) empire. In view of the understandable reasons, Russia could not cease in the Amur region at that moment and, therefore, he lost to the territory of China. Nevertheless, the gigantic territories to the east of the Yenisei River, it was with Alexei Mikhailovic who became invincible by Russian territories. Now it is already impossible to submit Siberia as a geographical region without Russia and Russia as an empire without Siberia, which is an integral part. Siberia was and remains Russia. After all, not in vain in 1763 the great Russian scientist M.V. Lomonosov said the following: «Russian power will grow by Siberia and the Northern Ocean.» And it turned out to be right. And Russia has always remained and remains the empire, due to its historical development, specifics and multinational composition. In this, her power, greatness, in the same its bright future and, only Russia — can lead the whole world in the creative vele.

In addition, Russia has expanded and in the Western direction. Russia successfully held military companies against the compulculation, which at that time was in the zenith of their power and represented real military and economic strength in Eastern and Central Europe and could compete with the German Empire (the Sacred Roman Empire of the German Nation with the Center in the Ertsgreement Austrian) for leadership in Europe. In addition, Alexei Mikhailovich Alexei Mikhailovich is huge at that time, the so-called, the reunification of Ukraine with Russia occurred at it in 1654, when Zaporizhzhya lands were included in Russia. But besides them, Russia returned the Russian city Smolensk, which Poles took away from Russia in 1611 during the University. Also, during the war with Poland, Russia returned to himself Kiev and other Western Russian territories, which are currently located in the field of independent Belarus and Ukraine.

After Alexei Mikhailovich, the largest Russian monarch, in which Russia increased by huge territories, can be considered by Ivan the Terrible, which increased Russia by half, won the Kazan, Astrakhan and Siberian Khanate, which were fragments of the former Golden Horde. In general, Ivan Grozny, as one of the greatest rulers of Russia — is not appreciated adequately, without prediction and this. Also, Russia received large territories in Peter Alekseyevich Romanov, the most nameable as Peter is the first great. With it, Russia held a successful Northern War, defeating the power of Sweden and acquiring huge territories in the Baltic States, thereby «giving the window» to Europe in the literal sense. The construction of the new capital of Russia — the city of St. Petersburg is also a glorious page in the history of Russia.

Well, the next ruler at which Russia got huge territories became Empress Catherine the second Great. She was a German, but in Russia — she became, truly, Russian, understood our mentality and loved Russia as it is. She believed in the power of Russia and tried to do everything possible for Russia and her greatness. With it, Russia won the Crimean Khanate, defeating the Ottoman Empire. As a result of several sections, the huge territories of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland moved to Russia. Thus, the dangerous enemy of Russia in the West was eliminated, as well as a convenient bridgehead for united Europe for military expansion regarding our country.

Here, in no case, it is impossible to compare Russia with the colonial empires of Europe. Russia was not and is not a colonial empire. Russia integrated local elites into their harmonious system, and the peoples of Siberia, in general, did not touch the word at all. Didn’t have it over the yasak and everything. In turn, at the same time, the Europeans destroyed the indigenous population of America, Australia and Africa. Then, in the 19th century, the United States reached the «bottom» and drove the indigenous population of his own country (here I mean, the Indian peoples of North America) in reservations and keep them there so far. It turns out, the United States is a real «prison of peoples» in the literal sense, once holds its own citizens in reservations. And so what to talk and reason. Time will show and put everything in its place.

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