Damage that Germany inflicted the Soviet Union by unleising war — was equal to the whole American economy


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The history of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War has been studied along and across. It seems to be a new one, they will not know much, but nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to know for yourself and remember the numbers of the war that is terrible for our country. Did you ask this question voiced in the title of the article? It is clear that the treacherous attack of Nazi Germany to our country brought us the years of suffering and stubborn resistance, and completed all the victory of the people and the country over the enemy with a complete unconditional defeat of the enemy in its territory. But let’s try to see what damage caused us Germany during the war years. We can answer in such a way that she inflicted irreparable damage, but we were able to restore the country in a short time. But we will look at exactly what they call «statistics», no matter how disgustingly sounded. And it was statistically damage to us was such that we need to yell into Germany and demand reparations, not Poles, although they got more than it was possible to give — German eastern regions in Silesia, Ostamka and part of Eastern Prussia and a long-term controversial city Shattin is the Motherland of Catherine II Great.

We will not be unfounded and say that you need to understand and recognize the next fact. As a result, not only the Great Patriotic, but also the Second World War in general, the biggest, or you can even say, the most huge losses that the Soviet Union has been the Soviet Union. This was expressed both in terms of human victims and damage to the economy of the Union as a whole. Only demographic losses of the USSR amounted to 27 million people. After the war, the commission was counted that for almost 4 years of war in the territory of the USSR, where military actions were carried out by 1710 Soviet cities and urban-type settlements, more than 70 thousand villages and villages. In addition, 32 thousand industrial enterprises were destroyed as a result of the fighting, after the war, there were already 98 thousand collective farms and 1876 state farms. And this is just the beginning.

It seems that these figures are enough to understand how much losses and damage were huge for the Soviet Union from the war unleashed.

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