Could Africa become the world locomotive of cosmonautics?


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Surely, you thought that the cosmic race in the second half of the 20th century was only between great space powers: the Soviet Union and the United States of America. It is clear that in the modern time there are more such countries who want to navigate to the world cosmic powers. This is China, India, Japan.

This is clear, but you could not know one very funny fact in the history of world cosmonautics. The fact is that in the distant 1960s. One of the African countries wanted to enter the club of cosmic powers. And even to overtake them in achievements. Zambia was this country. Country bordering with Zimbabwe and Tanzania. In general, from our country is so distant that they do not everyone know and will not immediately find it on the map of Africa.

So, while in the Soviet Union, there were triumphal victories in the field of space space, and in the United States in full swing, there was a preparation in the first flight of a person to the moon, in Zambia — such a person appeared, which would now be compared with the Ilona mask. The man who wanted to conquer the cosmos.

The fact is that Zambia had a completely different space program, rather than in our country or among Americans. For those people who moved, at this time, progress in Zambia in the field of astronautics were completely different technological solutions to this issue. But besides, they looked at the methodology for the training of astronauts completely differently or how else to call them — aphrnauts.

Of course, as always, it should be, any locomotive of progress — there must be a leader. And such a leader became Edward Makuka Nickloso. In general, just Edward Makuka. Edward Makuka was born in 1919 in Northern Rhodesia. The so-called modern Zambia, which was an English colony. This man passed the second world war. In general, he was not out of a timid. In the 1950s, Makuka, even managed to participate in the liberation movement of Zambia against the British.

In 1960, Makuka realized that the cosmos was the locomotive of progress and his country should be ahead of the rest of the world. Makuka immediately took up the preparation for space flights. Even founded the National Academy of Sciences, Space Research and Philosophy, which was located in one of the villages of Zambia. That’s how it is that you are not joking to play. The fact is that the cosmic program Makuki was so different, differed from any other program. And this is its feature.

And it’s okay. According to Edward Makuki, by 1964, Zambia would overtake the USSR and the United States in the world cosmic race. Moreover, the plans of the Space Program of Zambia had a landing for the first people and on the moon, and on Mars. That’s the way. Time went and, therefore, immediately a set of volunteers was held to fly to the Moon and Mars. These were ordinary villagers. For these purposes, we built everything you need to train to flights. Training consisted in the fact that future aids went on hand, rolled out in barrels from a slide and rode on a swing. As Makuk explained, it should have helped them for the preparation of the body to weightlessness, overloads and to move through the moon. So innovation. Progress on the face is definitely.

Note that on Mars on the plans of the Geniya of the Space Thought of Zambia Edward Makuki, it was planned to send one single person — a minor girl Mata Mwamba. But still, she should have been flying there, but with two cats. According to the plan, after landing on the surface of Mars, the cats had to get out of the ship and with the help of this special operation, it was planned to check the question: «And whether the atmosphere of Mars is suitable for a person.

As usual, finances decide everything. Therefore, only 7 million Zambian pounds were required to implement a breakthrough Zambian project. Is it a lot? But Zambia refused to allocate these funds at the global level. And it’s okay. It’s OK. I would have found money, Makuk would find them in any case. The main thing will want. But, in fact, the most important thing is a rocket. Such a rocket has become a simple, banal barrel. She was called «D Kalu-1». But the rocket is needed to refill. And fuel rockets. But with the fuel there were problems. Therefore, built Mukvi. This is such a huge catapult, which would take the first Zambian rocket in orbit.

And so, in the most responsible moment in the history of Zambia and the whole Earth: October 24, 1964, when the launch of the rocket was to take place — he was raised by the special services of Zambia. And the previously followed pregnancy in the world in the world, who had to fly on Mars — completely destroyed the plans of Edward Makuki for the conquest of outer space. But, perhaps, everything could turn out in the books on history and astronautics — the names of the world’s first conquerors and Mars would be inscriptive. Sincerely sorry.

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