China successfully delivered the lunar soil to the ground.


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More recently, on December 17, 2020, the Chinese returned Module «Changj-5» delivered 1.5 kg of lunar soil to Earth. For China, this is a historic day. Since they have unhealthy attention in relation to the moon for several years. It all starts to unwind our American «colleagues» and the Russian space sector. But it is especially strong, it is irritating Russian «sofa experts.» It turns out, in their opinion, with Russian cosmos — everything is over. Well, okay, talk about sad talk at the end. And now, we recall that it was for the mission and how she, in general, passed.

It all started with the fact that on November 24, 2020, China launched a heavy carrier missile «Changzhen-5», which brought the returned apparatus «Channel-5». The launch was held from the Wenchang cosmodrome, located on the island of Hainan. The device has been successfully lighted on December 1. Then, for two days, samples of lunar soil were collected by the device. Then, the story begins, right as with the Mission of Americans, who wore the name «Apollo». Here the Chinese have applied slapped and they, since the Chinese take-off module, which, on board in the capsule, there was already 1.5 kg of lunar soil, took off from the surface of the moon, as a landing module «Apollo», well, almost. It happened on December 3. And already on December 6, he successfully docked already with a service module, which His smoothly waited in orbit. There, the capsule with the lunar soil, thanks to the genius of Chinese thought, was automatically overwhelmed into the returned module. That’s it. The rest of the parts separated, and the returned module on December 12, together with the capsule, gave an impulse and successfully started to the ground. After an arrival to the surroundings of our planet, this module dropped from a height of five thousand kilometers a capsule with the lunar soil. But this is not just a capsule, but a whole complex consisting of a parachute and other systems that have allowed to successfully deliver soil from our natural satellite to the ground. Capsule sat on the territory of China. Of course, if without jokes, we congratulate China.

This country has become a third country that has successfully delivered the soil from the surface of the moon. Two other countries that managed to do the same, USSR and the USA. Now let’s try to think that this success of China may mean for Russia. First of all, this does not mean nothing for it, because the United States, also in his time delivered soil from the moon. But it did not affect them. Therefore, and our country does not even need to worry about this. The most important thing is to concentrate on real projects that are now facing us. Namely, the piloted flight on the moon. Russia and the US are now tightly engaged in this issue. This is yesterday’s story for us. In fact, if the project on the piloted flight can succeed, we will bring home even more regolith than China. And it’s not about the regolith.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to forget that in general, the success of the flight itself is an alarming bell for Russia that China wants to move it from the Pedestal of China’s leadership. As if an ally, but also a competitor. Therefore, you need to «keep your ear in sharp.» And specifically, we need to add a course in the sphere of space. «A holy place is never empty». Nevertheless, believe, everything will succeed!

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