China put her rover.


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The world of cosmonautics sounded wonderful news. You can even say breakthrough. On May 14, 2021, the Chinese Marsoway «Zhuhuun» landing was successfully landing, which is part of the Chinese mission on Mars and referred to as Mars Global Remote Sensing Orbiter and Small Rover or briefly: «Tianwean-1». The mission itself for Mars itself consists of an orbital apparatus, a landing platform and a marshode having six wheels and solar panels. The orbital apparatus is already clear, remained in orbit around the red planet, but the rover — dropped to the surface of the planet, thanks to the landing platform.

Of course, this Chinese junk can not be called breakthrough. It is understandable. This is more experimental apparatus. But it is possible to assume complete confidence that if China continues to develop his Martian program, then his future risers intended for Mars will be much more massive and carry a much larger spectrum of scientific equipment and tools. And so, the Rover «Zhuhuun» has a weight of only about 250 kg and carries Georadar, which will allow to explore the depths of Mars for 100 m. The same research, China has already noted with a recent study of the Moon. In addition, there are several detectors and several cameras, including a multispectral camera.

Well, of course, we look forward to the first photos from the Chinese Rover made from the surface of Mars. In the coming days, after debugging all systems, the rover will have to descend from the platform on the surface directly of Mars itself. The orbital apparatus is also equipped with a large number of scientific instruments and cameras. Nevertheless, it is annoying to admit it, but on the landing platform a rather money saved saved. Although most likely saved on weight, because in space every drop of fuel is important, especially when starting the rocket and acceleration to the trans-monosmic flight. Let’s notify that according to plan, in view of the fact that the rover is equipped with solar batteries — it should work up to 90 Martian days. This is not enough, but very much for the first flight.

Of course, cosmonautical lovers news about the successful descent on the surface of Mars of the Chinese apparatus — it suggests that in China with space everything is simple and other words do not pick up. Nevertheless, the «all-propeller» is early to rejoice or worry. After all, Russia, too, developed and built a landing platform «Cossack», which will deliver the European rover to the Red Planet, and also, itself will become an autonomous station, due to the fact that scientific devices and tools bearing. Nevertheless, only the possible successful landing of our Russian landing platform will answer the question of who advanced better in this direction — we are or the Chinese.

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