China began the construction of its space station.


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It is not a secret to anyone that in recent years, China demonstrates explicit successes in the development of outer space. In 2003, this country sent its first cosmonaut into the Earth orbit. Thus, China became the third state that sent his cosmonaut, making it after the Soviet Union and the United States. In 2019, this country is the first in the world, sent an automatic lunarow to the opposite direction of the Moon. In 2020, China, following the United States, sent his automatic rover to Mars. So far, this apparatus is in the orbit of this planet and, in the near future, it is planned to land on the surface of Mars.

After all these and other victories of China in the development of space, all sorts of moods on this occasion are mutated in different media. And be sure to scold Russian astronautics, accusing it in decline and already, in advance, predicted to her inevitable collapse. But this is not all. After at the end of April of this year, China launched the main module of his future orbital space station — the topic of the full failure of our space program and the industry, in general, became even more relevant.

Let’s find out how good China’s new space station is good? The station itself is very useful in scientific terms. Naturally, for China. For Russia and its scientific and technical experience — no rather than yes. After all, in fact, a new Chinese modular space station, 2 times less than our «World» station for general weight. Our station has a weight equal to 124 tons, in Chinese — 60 tons. So, in the plan, the record in the size of the station — Russia makes no sense to worry. And the concept itself and, its goals are identical to the Russian Station «Peace». The same goals and objectives. Like our «world», this station will have the ability to drain the automatic cargo ship, several manned spacecraft. In general, nothing special.

So, we have the following. Russia needs the most active heat to carry out the rapid construction of the modules of our future Ross station and bring them into space to assemble the station in orbit by 2030. Well, besides, conducting successful tests of the newest Russian spacecraft «Orel». As it became known more recently, if everything goes successfully, most likely, «Orel» starts to the station «Ross» in 2025. So our space industry should strive for this. China, in fact, makes exactly what we have already done, almost half a century ago: these are flights of automatic stations and lunas on the moon, as well as the assembly of the orbital space station.

In addition, there are all reasonable suspicions of the fact that China’s unexpected rapid success in the space sphere since the 1990s. — it is precisely due to the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, some technologies were sold to China, both and Ukraine, in the territory of which the enterprises of the rocket-space industry of the Soviet Union remained. After all, before that, China was not marked by special successes in the space sphere. And lastly, I remind you that it is the specialists of the Ukrainian MCC and the enterprise «Yuzhmash», helped China in the 1990s. To establish the mass production of the Soviet rocket engine of the RD-120.

It is this Soviet engine that has become the basis of the entire rocket program of China and remains so much. The Chinese main rocket engine YF-100, as once and is based on the Soviet RC-120 Rocket Engine. No one says that bad. But you need to understand that before rejoice in the success of China and doubt the future of our cosmonautics — it is necessary to understand the whole essence of the origin of the cosmonautics of this eastern country.

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