Causes of Victory Bolsheviks in the Civil War


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More than 100 years have passed since the moment the revolution of 1917 occurred in Russia, and rather, two more revolutions. But the disputes around it do not stop so far. And this, taking into account the fact that the Soviet Union has already stopped existed, and the Community has lost power. But there is another topic that, as well, does not stop being discussed. This is the topic of the Civil War in Russia. It so happened that after the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks and their opponents, in the person of the former royal generals, supported by the former allies of the Russian Empire on Antante — plunged the country to the Civil War. It is clear that one thing is not one of the Bolsheviks to unleash the war, and this contributed a number of reasons that are not the topic of our today’s article. And we still do not say why, in general, Anntan was supported by the royal generals, and why, they made an intervention to the territory of Russia. Our question is as follows: Specify you the reasons for the victory of the Bolsheviks in the Civil War, from the point of view of common sense and objective observations, and not the Yarray of anti-Soviet and «attracts for the ears.» In general, let’s start.

The first cause of the victory of the Bolsheviks in the Civil War, and perhaps the most important, can be called that the Bolsheviks after they got power — from afar of the decree on Earth. As a result, the peasantry received free of charge from the Bolsheviks land, which they could not receive without various restrictions on the part of the royal government the last half a century. That redemptions were imposed, then what. Therefore, the bulk of the peasantry rose to the side of Soviet power. The white movement, wanted, in fact, restore the landowner possession on the ground, which in turn pushed the peasantry from supporting the opponents of the Bolsheviks in the Civil War.

An important reason for the victory of the Bolsheviks, was the fact that they managed to create a mass army, the basis of which was universal mobilization. By 1920, the Red Army had 5.5 million people in its ranks. Also, the power of Bolsheviks strengthened in the central and densely populated areas of Russia. To that, there was a dense and developed rail of railways. All this allowed the Red Army quickly and at the right moment to move large groups of troops on those fronts that were particularly dangerous. Thus, the Red Army also reached a vibrant handle before the «white».

The Bolsheviks supported the central regions of Russia, where there were densely populated areas, peasants, as well as, military factories that produced a huge amount of ammunition, weapons, military equipment, in general. «White», they got into the hands so that it was in warehouses, as well as the main part — they received from the countries of the Entente. These are weapons and ammunition. So, the established production of weapons helped the Bolsheviks to achieve advantages in this area.

Another major reason was that the Red Army was subordinate to the Unified Center. She obeyed the Bolsheviks party, and in the ground the Soviet system allowed the Bolsheviks to effectively manage that everything played in a positive side. Also, the Bolsheviks had specific goals for the future and from the very first days they began to embody plans, and not promise as populists. But, «white» were completely disassembled, did not act coordinated, without a common idea and concrete goals for the future. With them the future was understood very foggy.

By the way, the population of national outlets overwhelmingly supported the Bolsheviks, as they believed in the slogan «On the right of nations to self-determination.» But the «white» had a slogan about «uniform and indivisible Russia», which is certainly perceived by the non-Russian population very negatively.

And one more reason why not think about. The fact is that the Bolsheviks received international support. They were supported by communist parties, workers organizations and trade unions of many European countries and the world. All this was expressed in the fact that in these countries there were mass performances of workers’ citizens. They were against the intervention of their imperialist governments. The main slogan of the workers of the countries of the world was the slogan «Hands away from Soviet Russia!».

Well, for today, you briefly learned about the main reasons for the victory of the Bolsheviks in the Civil War in Russia. Of course, in the arrival of the Bolsheviks to power in Russia — there are also positive parties. There are a lot of them. But this is not the topic of our article. You can discuss this in the comments to this article.

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