Came the first data from the Marshod Perseverance


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On February 18, 2021, American Rover Perseverance was delivered to Mars. With you, he brought seven scientific tools, several cameras for photo and video photography, as well as two microphone to record the world around the surface of Mars. And yes, for the first time in history, the mercier brought with him Dron to another planet. Tasks drone ingenuity, also wide and saturated. The mission of the next Marshode NASA consists of several tasks. It should appreciate what Mars is suitable for life, in principle, including microbes. In addition, try to find evidence of the existence of life on this planet in the past. The most important tasks of Perseverance are two.

The first, it will become that the rover will have to collect samples of stones from the surface of Mars and leave them on storage. In the future, during the decade to Perseverance will arrive a returned apparatus and deliver samples to the Earth to study them. Second: Marshod will hold tests and try to produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. This will be the forerunner of man preparation for the Red Planet. Especially for this, Perseverance was sent to the crater Riezer. Scientific evidence suggests that the crater in the past was filled with water, and rivers flowed into it. Recall. that the launch of the Marshode took place on July 3020.

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In general, everything went well and the Perseverance rover successfully sat on Mars. For several months, NASA specialists will conduct testing of all Marshode systems to their performance and, after that, scientific work will begin. Nevertheless, almost immediately after landing, the Perseverance rover sent the first data to the ground: these are several color photos and video recordings from the onboard chambers of the Marschode and the «Heavenly Crane».

All of these data allowed NASA specialists and scientists to make sure that everything was in order with the mercier, and the video recording of the landing process is inherently unique. In addition, the process of descent of the Marshode itself was removed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which since 2006 is in the orbit of Mars. It is known that directly in the head of the Marshoda front and behind, the cameras that are needed to lay the secure path for the rover are installed. So, with them and came the first color shots of the surface of the red planet.

The fact is that the transfer of information from Mars to Earth lasts 11 minutes, so, about the successful landing scientists NASA and the whole world learned after the landing has already taken place. Therefore, the landing completely passed in automatic mode. The rover himself searched for a suitable landing pad, and transmitted information to Heavenly Crane, gave him a team for the right direction more than a one-photon rover to the selected landing destination. This is the most complex system.

Then, the «Heavenly Crane» redeemed the speed to zero and at an altitude of 7.5 meters from the selected surface — lowered Perseverance on the nylon cable to the surface of Mars. As soon as the «Heavenly Crane» received information that the rover touched the surface, the cables were cut with special pyrobolites, and the «Heavenly Crane» increased the thrust of the maximum and flew to the maximum distance aside from the Rover. Total, it took seven minutes to the entire operation of the descent of the Marshode.

Finally, another important detail of the mission. The fact is that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiter was observed behind the process of descent of the Marsochode Perseverance. So, in the photos made from this apparatus are visible frames of descent of the Perseverance Marshode with the help of a huge parachute.

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