As during the Great Patriotic War, German aircraft flew over the territory of the USSR from Germany to Japan


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The question set in the title question can put you in a stupor. After all, as during the Great Patriotic War, German aircraft could cross the territory of the Soviet Union, if the war was held in all, and the sky of our country was protected by aviation and air defense systems. But no matter how it sounded, but such flights over the territory of the USSR were carried out very well and regularly.

The fact is that by the beginning of World War II, it became clear that Germany and Japan practically allied states and both unite expansionist goals. But there was a huge minus. This minus was that Germany and Japan shared the huge spaces of the territory of the Soviet Union. After the attack of Japan on the United States, air support was almost the only one between the two allies. It is understandable, the ocean was controlled by allies.

Naturally, submarines delivered goods and documentation between the two countries throughout the war, but it was long and not always safely. It remained to look for ways over the USSR airspace. And such routes between Germany and Japan were worked out by the military command of Germany. After the occupation of Norway and the territory of the USSR, the distance between the two countries decreased.

In general, if we consider only Germany without Italy, there were several routes to Japan. For example, from the Finnish airfield of Kemi to Sakhalin Island. Total went out 6 thousand km. There was a route from Kirovograd in Ukraine to Pareto airfield near the Chinese city of Wuhan occupied by the Japanese. Flight was 6 thousand km. In addition, flew from Norwegian Kirkanes to Cizzicar, located in Manchuria. The length was 6 thousand km. Also flew airplanes from Odessa to Pareto.

Most often flew airplanes Ju-290. The most famous and used route ran over the territory of the Barents Sea, the territories of Western and Eastern Siberia, Lake Baikal and Mongolia. There were routes and lake Balkhash, as the locals were recorded by real cases of landing German hydraulosions DO-26 on Lake Balkhash. So flights of German far aviation over the territory of the Soviet Union were carried out. Moreover, the height of the flight of the aircraft was large, and in Siberia Soviet air defense systems were practically not.

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