As a shuttle «Colombia» became the dawn and sunset «Space Shuttle»


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Those who closer to thirty and more, still remember the Zenith of the United States, when this country was perceived in the eyes of millions of Russians, as an indicator of a stable, powerful, just state, as-argued forward. Moreover, the Russian society in the 1990s and early 2000s rose precisely on the basis of American cinema, lifestyle and music. In general, the United States was the ideal, which was considered not reached for us, ordinary residents of Russia. This is now, matured, we began to understand that this country is not an ideal or, just this country itself has changed over the past 30 years. And yes, most likely, the second option is more believable. It goes into the past, classical America, which we remember on the films of the late 1980s to the beginning of the 2000s. Now, this country has become sinking in the swamp, which herself created in the last 30 from a small years.

And we, as always, left the main topic. Let’s talk on the topic, about space, or rather, and astronautics. The fact is that one of the symbols of that, beautiful America from our childhood and youth, that cosmic power was Space Shuttles. They are. Yes, they are recognized as a failure project. But do we, boys and young guys, were thinking about it? Of course not. In Space Shuttles, we saw all the power of the American industry and their thoughts, which gave rise to such a ship that overtook her time. «Why overtook» — you ask? And since, the world is now returning to the subject of reusable ships, but smaller sizes. But why size is less if multi-torque satellites. So, the shuttle has written off ahead of time. Most likely. We will not go into details that Space Shuttle, who reads an article will understand what we are talking about.

So, the event that finally put the cross on the program «Space Shuttle» — became a catastrophe of Colombia Shuttle on February 1, 2003. I myself remember this moment when I was only 11 years old and the film on TV was interrupted by the urgent release of news, where they were demonstrated in the live frame of the destruction of the Shattla «Columbia» over the state of Texas. For me it was such a surprise. From 6 years I was interested in the topic of space and knew from this age about these ships. Parents gave me a few books, encyclopedia, from where I learned about everything, and I learned to read in almost 5 years. From the second class, he always walked after school in a children’s library, reading books about space. This is already, after many years, I learned about the causes of the death of the shuttle during his return to Earth.

Who is interested in the theme of Space Shuttles, I suggest watch a video from our Yandex. Byfira about the last in the history of flight Space Shuttles. Atlantis’s shuttle went to his last flight on July 8, 2011. The same video, you will find on our channel in

In his last flight «Colombia» went on January 16, 2003. According to the plan, on February 1, the ship was supposed to arrive back to the ground. But at 82nd, after the start, the shuttle was damaged to the cover of the left wing. It turned out, quite regular for NASA. In NASA, immediately learned about this incident and closed their eyes on him. Such cases have already been and, this time it was decided that there is no threat to the ship. Of course, the ship was checked from the ISS. Shattl did, the so-called, squirrel, but damage to the photographs sent from the ISS, NASA did not find. It was decided that the shuttle would return home by its own way.

There is information that at the unofficial level, the help was offered from Russian colleagues. Russia could, if necessary, send an additional ship «Union» to the ISS to return the shuttle crew to the ground gradually. Food stock on the ISS was. In which case, an additional progress ship could send with cargo. Also, the option was considered, sending another shuttle to the orbit to pick up the crew «Colombia» from there. But the preparation required for a while. But it should be noted that the Atlantis and Indevener Shuttles have already been at the preparation stage for the fulfillment of their planned missions and could be sent to space. In this case, the question with shuttle remained open. Either, make repairs in orbit, because it would remain dashed to the ISS any long time. In the case of an intractable situation, it could be destroyed, flooding in the Pacific Ocean. But the crew would remain unharmed. But NASA considered that the cost of returning the crew alternative ways is more expensive. Therefore, they decided on the American «Avos» and, in the end, they wanted a whole crew and destroyed a multi-million cosmic shuttle.

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