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Again about Russia. As usual, about our country they say, as a country that does not produce anything, and there is no industry in it. But it is far from wrong. And you can talk a lot about it, but not everyone will understand, because they will not even check the information. They will say that everything is bad in the country, because they said so in YouTube, because they said so in some newspaper that criticizes power. After all, for them, they tell the truth there. And that everyone sees themselves with their own eyes, that the country as was in the 1990s, which remained. Although, in fact, such means of information — in essence, destructive propaganda against Russia. When Russia has obvious successes and it goes against the views of the Globalistic forces headed by the United States. Yes, and that the sin of Timing, they need Russia resources, and not building democracy in Russia, and even more so, not the construction of industry in our country. And in Russia itself, in fact, there is a renewal of everything and everything, people just do not notice.

And now about good. It is clear that Russia is a huge country, it is the biggest in the world. Its area is more than 17 million square meters. km. And main transport for cargo transportation, and for passenger transportation — is railway transport. Of course, the air transportation is also important about the development of this type of transport and industry, we wrote earlier. In railway transport, Russia has everything, not even bad. Russia in 2020, again, went around the RSFSR record in the production of locomotives. These are great news. It goes into the past stereotype of Russia, as a country that has outdated rolling stock and wagons.

Recall that the last nine years, the production of locomotives and wagons is growing in Russia. The main share goes to the domestic market. That is, there is a complete replacement of old cars and locomotives, both cargo and passenger. In general, Russian Railways annually pours huge money to the update of its rolling stock. And this is a positive trend that, naturally, is supported by the state from the very «top». In 2020, Russian Railways themselves purchased 566 units of locomotives, a large proportion of which (more than 300 units) — went to the Far East. Thus, there is a phased updating of the rolling stock of Russian railways throughout the country.

Of course, the difficult 2020 year, also affected this industry. But nevertheless, they exceed the production that was within the limits of the RSFSR for its existence. Total, in 2020, Russian plants produced 412 trunk and 154 maneuver locomotives. And, we note that sanctions are not to blame, as Russia, in fact, has long passed for import substitution. And, in general, the experience of Putin’s Russia is unique in the fact that completely new capacities in the field of railway production were created. After all, few people understand and know that in the best years of the Soviet Union’s existence within the RSFSR, the record of the production of locomotives was delivered in 1985. Then the RSFSR produced 435 main locomotives. The best year in this area in this area in modern Russia was 2019. For 2019, Russia has delivered a real record record. 680 trunk locomotives were produced: 283 diesel locomotives and 397 electric locomotives.

Other types of locomotives in the RSFSR, in fact, did not produce at all, since the remaining production in the field of car and locomotive buildings were located in Ukraine and Latvia. Some types of locomotives and wagons, the Soviet Union did not produce at all, and purchased in the Alleni countries in the SEA: in Czechoslovakia, Poland and GDR. But they were our allies, therefore, no one in the USSR could have thought that they would depart from us in the near future as a result of the systemic betrayal of the elite, both in the USSR and in Eastern Europe.

So, no matter how the current Russian authorities did not scold, but it was when them, it was with V.V. Putin, Russia began to revive his railway industry, and some types of production, create from scratch. To solve some technical moments, not key, naturally, I had to invite German and French investors. But now, after a half decades, the production of trains is fully localized in Russia, and technical documentation belongs to Russia. Nevertheless, the main tasks for the development of new locomotives and sections — lay on the shoulders of Russian engineers and designers. New locomotives have not been developed not enough for different needs, both cargo and passenger traffic. And yes, not only locomotives are produced, but also cars: cargo and passenger. After all, for justice, let’s say that the USSR, in general, did not produce passenger cars, but purchased them in the Allied GDR. Of course, partnership with foreigners persists, but the residual. In Russia, without exaggeration, the new school of locomotivities increased during this time.

It is clear that on this our country is not going to stop, because the power gives it the «green light» and invests in this huge cash. Isn’t that good? Isn’t that updating our country? This is not just a positive trend, it is a real jerk, which is not yet evaluated by contemporaries, but must, the assessment will be given in the future.

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