And yet, most likely, there is no liver


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Never long ago, in 2020, the news thundered for the whole world, which most likely there is life on Venus. If not on the surface, then exactly in its upper layers of the atmosphere. The fact is that the British scientists were able to detect gas phosphine gas in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which, among other things, excrete anaerobic bacteria. After that, it was assumed that anaerobic bacteria inhabit the upper layers of the planet. Of course, it would not be bad if there was at least such a primitive life on Venus.

But in fact, everything can be before the banality. Most likely, even this life on the planet Venus — no. The thing is that no matter how many do not have similar physical traits from the ground, but this planet cannot have life. This also says this notorious gas Phosphine. After all, this gas is not only an indicator of the presence of life, but on the contrary, he can also prove that it can not be there due to harsh conditions. These natural conditions may be very strong volcanic activity on Venus.

If you think about, this theory of the origin of phosphine gives a more truthful picture of the events taking place on Venus. We all know that our domestic devices even at the time of the Soviet Union went to the surface of the «sister» of the Earth and found that this planet is so uncoising from the word completely that there is no way there is not worth thinking. In addition, there are also snapshots of the surface of Venus made by these devices.

Pictures and scientific data from the devices showed that Venus clouds are so dense, which reflect 75% of sunlight, which comes from our star. They consist of sulfur gas and sulfuric acid drops (try to breathe there). On the surface of the planet, neither so light as the earth, resembles boning or pre-emergency hours on Earth. In addition, due to its clouds, the surface of the planet is not visible, prevents its study from the ground. The surface temperature reaches 400 with excess degrees Celsius, and pressure up to 90-100 atmospheres of the Earth. In general, this hell.

So, this position of things, as scientists suggest led to the fact that very strong volcanic activity occurs on Venus. Photos from Soviet devices, this theory is confirmed. The thing is that the presence of phosphine, as if, this theory confirms. If in the atmosphere, especially in its upper layers there is a gas Phosphine, then this suggests that there are phosphids deep into the mantle. Phosphides are binary phosphorus compounds with metal.

If there is really powerful volcanic activity on the next planet, then these compounds fall into its atmosphere — cause the formation of this fosphine itself, as well as sulfates. So, the nature of phosphine formation on Venus may be simple, and life on it, unfortunately, is absent at all.

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