And again, Russia hits records.


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And again, our country hits records, this time in shipbuilding. But here, stereotypes are completely broken, when China, USA, Japan or the same Germany and South Korea are the first to be the first to be the first. But these models must already taste. And you need to understand that Russia is not the one that was 20 years ago.

And now about shipbuilding. For many years, South Korea, China and Japan were in the top three leaders in shipbuilding. Everything would be nothing. But Russia all these years focused until her enemies laughed at her, speculating on the topic «raising from the knees.» But, how the thunder among the clear sky, Russia, again, surprised the world. Not «Russian» is this an economic miracle? Russia in 2020 fell China from the second line of leaders in shipbuilding. And this is only data for the third quarter of 2020. By the end of the year, the icebreaker «Viktor Chernomyrdin» of the project 22600 and the first Russian Tanker of the AFRAMAX project of the project 114k were commissioned. That is, Russia has consistently broke away from China in this race and firmly ranked second. And that’s not it. In 2021, and for the years ahead, shipbuilding enterprises provided orders and government officials. These ships will not go abroad, namely, will remain in Russia, will serve us. For the benefit of Russia.

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I’ll tell you about numbers, for a more understandable explanation. To estimate the tonnage in shipping, a unit of volume is applied, which is equal to 100 cubic feet (CGT). So, for the third quarter of 2020, in South Korea, its shipbuilding was 1.42 million CGT. Russia displaced Japan and China from this position, taking a decent second place, having increased to 860 thousand CGT in the third quarter the volume of the tonnage produced. China made for the same period — 830 thousand CGT. But, since in Russia, the turnover is gaining the construction of its own atomic icebreakers, oil tankers, tankers-gas carriers and other types of all sorts of vessels, there are still a lot of work.

This means, in the coming years, we will take the first place. In addition, shipbuilding shipyards are expanding, new shipyards are being built, frames are preparing. No need to think that all this is created by the Soviet personnel and Soviet plants and Soviet obsolete technique. Enough live stereotypes. Everything is based on the latest Russian technologies produced by the domestic machine-tool industry. We still need to understand that these are new jobs for our citizens, this is the prestige of the country. And yes, another stereotype of Russia that all ships are rusty and old — also goes into the past, as well as the stereotype of old, collapsed cars and locomotives. Previously, we already said that Russia became the world leader in the field of locomotive construction and car buildings. As they do not fit the stories of an incidental opposition that Russia is the country of the outsider and that they do not produce anything in it.

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