Americans, once again, «hit in the abdominal» Russia


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It was almost 20 years since the beginning of the military operation of the United NATO forces in Afghanistan. And summing up, we understand that NATO, an even account, did not bring anything to Afghanistan, and nothing leaves after myself, except for the «foggy» promises to support the pro-Western government. But whether real support will be unknown. It would seem 20 years ago the United States and their allies on NATO came to this country with good intentions, but the country as remained a «hot» point, which remained. A little strange conclusions, as the collective West, «leaves» from Afghanistan.

All this reminds «Structure of the horse» and the blow to the boost of Russia during an unequal confrontation, when the West can not do anything, in principle. Withdrawing his troops, the West leaves Russia one to one with this «hot» point. «Why so» — you ask. And everything is simple. I designated above. The West did not have trumps against Russia. Therefore, the «strengths of this» decided to create on the approaches to Russia and China «Rate of the bad forces», which would «nightmare» Russia and its closest allies and partners in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In Syria failed, decided in Afghanistan. Russia strongly defends peaceful positions in Syria and makes it very and very successfully and productively.

The calculation is that Russia may re-engage in the «Afghan node» and get bogged there. No new new «Western partners» did not invent. It is not surprising that if suddenly the Americans and their arrogant on NATO «pass around on the fly» and will begin to help «bad forces» in Afghanistan, and not generated by their pro-Western government of this eastern country. And again, simple citizens will suffer both the Afghanistan and Central Asian countries, which come into contact with this country and are the most important buffer from the threats from there. But it also needs to be understood that some role in inciting the Afghan fusion of tensions is plays, as not strange, Pakistan, who supports bad forces in this country. But that is another story.

For Russia, the most important and important now is the retention of the situation in the territory of both Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Most likely, this will require the introduction of an additional enhanced contingent of Russian troops in Tajikistan and the pressure on Uzbekistan in order to return it to the CSTO. In addition, if necessary, you can attract China, which as well as we are interested in stability in this region. That’s such a «gift» left our «Western partners». Their rapid care from Afghanistan was most likely scheduled to undermine the safety of the southern borders of Russia. In a different way, it is impossible to explain it. Moreover, there is no guarantee that Americans will begin to help radicals in the seizure of this country and creating a new headache for Russia and China.

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