Ambitious project of the Russian aircraft that you did not hear


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The topic of aviation in recent years is increasingly updated, especially in our country. In Russia, the revival of domestic aviation is now being revived. Of course, perhaps not everything is done immediately and stretches for years. But nevertheless, it is impossible to say that Russian aviation stands still. No, it develops and very rapidly pace. Although, at first glance, it may seem that it is not. But remember that it was 20 years ago and what is currently. New cars are being developed, there are cars that have already passed successful flight tests and commissioning them and into mass production — the question of the next few years.

These aircraft include the passenger medium-hydraulic aircraft MS-21 and several other aircraft. Agree, in a country that does not make anything and «trample» in one place — it cannot take tests of the aircraft of different classes each year or their active development in the designs of the design bureau. It means that work goes and comes specifically with the explicit targets, expected results and with specific financial influxulations, including state ,, if not even in the overwhelming majority.

Anyway. This is not even in this, but in the fact that in the development of in our country there is another plane. But this plane is not simple, but unusual. Maybe you have already heard about him. This is an FRIGATE EcoJet aircraft. This machine is developed by the Design Bureau «Tupolev». This machine is developed for the medium-sighted segment of civil aviation. The plane will have a wide fuselage, but very unusual on appearance. But the most unusual thing is that in the cross section it will have the form of an ellipse. This will allow placing more seats. It is known that the takeoff of the aircraft will be 140 tons, and the length is 50 m.

Two turbofan engines of domestic production of PS-90A will be installed on the frigate. In addition, there is a chance that Rolls-Royse Trent 500 engines will be installed. But as a result, as it is known, the solution was stopped at installing 4 PD-14 engines. This reduces the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft, but the testing of the aircraft layout in the aerodynamic tube has shown that otherwise in no way. The range of the aircraft will be on average from 3500 km to 5000 km. There will be three passages between passenger chairs in the cabin. Usually in airplanes there are one or two passages. Already the diagram of a number of chairs is also known. It will be in combination 2 + 3 + 3 + 2. It will be up to 350 passengers.

The project is very ambitious, but for more than 2 years it is not heard of news from the developers, although no one officially folded the project and did not freeze. Perhaps the project is delayed due to the unusual form of the aircraft. But nevertheless, it will not be desirable. The project is clearly alive. Moreover, it makes no sense to turn working with this machine, since Boeing and Irbas also develop in this direction.

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