Agricultural engineering of Russia is experiencing a rapid growth


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Already 7 years have passed since in Ukraine, jumping on Maidan, our so-called brothers — they rejoiced that they threw off their local «visible» president. In addition, they were dreaming dreams that they are about to «heal» and everything will be like in Europe. Only it was necessary to break all economic ties with Russia, especially in those who were strategic for Ukraine. Well, everything is easy, it was broken and Ukraine went to the future with Europe. But besides the Association and Disian — this country did not achieve anything. And the result, civil war in the southeast, the independence of the Crimea and its entry into Russia.

Ukraine Everything thought that this was about to Russia would break off from sanctions and its economy would collapse. But everything happened up to the opposite. The Ukrainian economy collapses, communications with Russia, disturbed during these years, gave their own and enterprises «Uncomplicated» do not receive sufficient or at all, do not receive orders. In general, soon collapse, since no one in this unfortunate country is interested in the development of its industry.

What about matters in Russia? Did the collapse occurred? Are there any «jumping» on the Maidan? It turned out that in vain. Fixed, it turns out. The fact is that Europe, the USA and «uncomfortable» underestimated Russia. We decided that she would collapse. But no. In Russia, after the imposition of sanctions on us, on the contrary, it happened what is called revival. And those industries that had cooperation with Ukraine — simply established the missing production in Russia.

Yes, at the expense of the state. So what? Is it bad? This is a liberal monetarists — everything that does not fit into the concept of «profits» — simply does not receive state support, and the modern authorities in Russia, just the same, on the contrary. Made a bet on its, domestic. Yes, for a long time, yes — somewhere coryavo, but its own. All countries began, even the same China.

We will tell about the successes in the agricultural sector of engineering. As in the railway sector of mechanical engineering, and aircraft, in Russia now there is a record growth in agricultural engineering. For the third year, the export of domestic agricultural machinery is growing as «yeast.» So here. In 2020, exports of this technique increased by 30% compared to 2019 and amounted to as much as 16 billion rubles.

Yes, compared with the beloved for everyone in China — a little, but we are not working on the mass like China. We work for us, in general, were our production and it entered the international market. Especially, this is relevant when «nominating sofa» experts and «Inexpension». In addition, the total production of Russian appliances increased by 30%.

Expanded the geography of supply. Russia put the products of agricultural engineering to the CIS and EU countries. In addition, deliveries were made in Africa, Mongolia and to the countries of the Middle East. In particular, tractors, all sorts of combines and other agricultural special equipment are massively exported to Europe. It is very good, since our citizens receive jobs, wages and can feed their families and live a full life.

In addition, products remain in Russia and works in our domestic agriculture. All this allows Russia to achieve tremendous success. In general, modern Russia more successfully conducts agricultural products that it allows it to be independent in this sector, compared with the same Soviet Union, which since the 1970s. Beginning grain. In essence, this is our record. Russia is growing in this direction. Who would not say anything, but the work goes and this is evidence that everything is so bad in our country.

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