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Russia is a huge country, in the territory of the largest, ranked 17 million square meters. km. The large length of the coastline of Russia is located in the Arctic zone. This means that the larger season, the sea in this zone is embedded with ice. Specificatively, there is a northern seaway on this territory, which is of great importance for both Russia and for the world. For all this, Russia has the largest icebreaking fleet in the world. But that’s not all. Russia is, among other things, the only country in the world with atomic icebreakers. In addition, the construction of atomic icebreakers, and icebreakers, in principle, work is very complex in technological plan.

If you explore the composition of the icebreaking fleet of Russia, it becomes clear that they are built mainly in the 1970-1980s. Therefore, new atomic icebreakers are being built in Russia, since some of them had to write off. Now Russia has 4 atomic icebreakers. But in addition to them, atomic icebreakers of the project of 22220 type «Arctic» are now being built in Russia. In general, it is planned to build 5 units of icebreakers. At the moment, 3 units were built, 2 units are built. These are the newest and best atomic icebreakers in its class. In addition, on November 3, 2020, a diesel-electric icebreaker «Viktor Chernomyrdin» was commissioned. This is not all, since quite recently, the first of the three atomic icebreakers of the project 10510 «leader», having a futuristic design.

Coming to the conclusion, we can say that the domestic icebreaking fleet is good. Due to the presence of a large number of icebreakers, which even with constant frequency are replenished with the latest courts — help Russia solve the tasks in the Arctic. Ensure our country economic and military dominance in the Arctic zone, where the struggle for exceptional rights to economic activity is beginning to gain turnover among leading countries of the world. Russia is not worth adding here, as Russia has long already has its own economic zone in the Arctic, which is nevertheless trying to challenge.

The construction of the newest atomic icebreakers suggests that in Russia, science and industry do not stand still. That is, the opposition stories about «nothing producing» Russia is a full farce. Therefore, the Council for the unfair and «all-alphabetrs» — to begin with, at least, check the information. And then, it is already funny to read articles that speak of Russia «last time.» And for Russia, we wish good luck and further victories on all fronts!

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