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In recent years, we always hear that everything is bad in Russia, do not produce anything that it has no future. It is clear that this is a real information war. Well, okay, not about it. Let’s talk about good. About the aviation industry. Why about her? Because the aviation industry is an innovative sphere. It always uses advanced technologies, and if the country takes a certain place in this area — one of the dominants, then this is an indicator that a technological basis for the production of high-tech materials has been established in the country. In general, those who understand people will understand that aviation is a very difficult industry.

To establish the airfather is very and very difficult without serious financial injections and interest from the state. Therefore, as if oppositionists noise, but Russian aviation was revived and fell quite firmly on his feet. Simply this category of people is difficult to recognize that in Russia there is work on the restoration of industry, in general, and the aviation industry, in particular, made a gigantic step. Of course, immediately start responding by a methods, leading to an example Boeing and Airbus. But you need to remember that it has become with the Soviet aviation industry, after the collapse of the USSR and the scattering and riding in the 1990s.

In fact, by the 2000s, foreign airplanes flew in Russian airlines. And these aircraft were old, not new. All this happened due to the crisis of the 1990s. Unified cooperation between the Soviet republics was destroyed. It was necessary either to negotiate with the new formed countries where Soviet enterprises remained, or buying their aircraft from foreign countries. There was also the third option: it is to recreate in Russia those produced from the sphere of aviaprom, which remained in the former Allied republics. Therefore, the revival of the Russian aircraft was a key issue for our country. With the arrival of Putin’s power — the phased restoration of industry and aviation did not go around the party. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were about 1.5 thousand airfields and airports in our country. At the moment, there is a revival of this network. Therefore, Russia was needed their aircraft, not imported. And with this direction, our country succeeded very much.

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Let’s specifically, with what directions in the aviation industry have explicit successes and for which you need to be glad.


The aircraft was designed and began to be made since the late 2000s. This near hospital liner goes to the fact that his domestic localization approaches the overwhelming, including Russian engines will be installed. Plus, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the plant is provided by permanent orders, and therefore people — work. This aircraft was originally an object of ridicule. But now, the plane has become better, the serving base is improved. SSJ-100 becomes a serious competitor in its class in the global market.


The newest MS-21 aircraft is based on the Yak-242 aircraft. This aircraft is designed for medium length lines. This aircraft uses the latest technologies and modern materials. MS-21 is installed in both Russian PD-14 engines and American Pratt & Whitney. Our plane after its serial launch will begin to compete with foreign aircraft Boeing-737 Max and Airbus-320 Neo. Namely, from the Russian market — MS-21 accurately squeeze these aircraft. The same perspective is visible in the international market, since the plane itself is better in parameters. In addition, a portfolio has already been created for the first orders, they are more than one and a half hundred units. It is both for the Russian market and for foreign countries. The production of the aircraft was established in the city of Irkutsk.


This long-haul aircraft undergoes modernization and production has already been deployed at the aircraft factory in Voronezh. IL-96 will compete with foreign long-haul, namely, Boeing and Airbus companies.


For internal lines, a new IL-114 turboprop liner has been created in Russia. Capacity 64 passenger. This suggests that this aircraft will give a powerful impetus to the development of small aviation. The plane will be made in Nizhny Novgorod and near Moscow.

This is not the entire list. This can also include engines developed in Russia and simply new production recreated in Russia from scratch in this area. An unambiguous conclusion that the Russian aviaprom is revived. And now a specific goal is to take its specific niche in the world market, hundredth shares, and specific numbers. And for Russia, this is a matter of state importance that is solved very, even successfully.

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