A carbon form of life can exist outside the Earth.


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The question of whether there is a life on other planets worries humanity since a long time, as soon as people realized that they live on a ball, which flies in an endless space around her star called the sun. Further, since the beginning of the development of space, humanity began to look for extraterrestrial forms of life. Let’s go to several search paths. For example, they tried to catch the signals of extraterrestrial civilizations using huge radio telescope, using the launches of probes and rovernors to the nearest planets to the Earth, such as Mars and Venus. We sent, also, the descent apparatus on Saturn’s companion — Titan.

The fact is that so far, when humanity is looking for extraterrestrial forms of life, it is based on our form of life, which developed on Earth as a result of the circumstances. That is, scientists are looking for exactly a carbon form of life. And also, they are guided by the earth’s living conditions, which include: the presence of liquid water, permissible temperatures for the existence of life, a dense atmosphere, the presence in this atmosphere of necessary gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen and others that are in the Earth’s atmosphere. Everything looks great and nothing causes questions. It would seem that. But no, there are many questions. For example, and suddenly scientists are looking for either there, or even so, as you really need. Suddenly, there is a life with a different form of an organization that differs from the earth. After all, even a carbon form of life may differ from the earth.

It should be understood that even the formative of carbon-based life organization on Earth may differ in other cosmic bodies, because there are elementarily different conditions from the Earth. If life has passed on Earth across hundreds of millions of years of evolution, then life has passed the same evolution on another potential planet, even on the basis of carbon. This means that for each stage of evolution, on such a hypothetical planet they could change (similarly as on earth) environmental conditions. Under these changing conditions and adapted a life based on carbon. By the way, initially, on Earth and on such a hypothetical planet, the form of carbon life could be the same or even, our land and a hypothetical planet could get life from outside, for example, life on them could bring with them comets or asteroids.

Proof of the fact that even in our solar system on satellites planets or on them (on Mars or Titan, in particular) can exist a carbon form of life, is that there is a very huge number of life forms on our land. These forms of carbon-based life exist on Earth everywhere. Such life can be found both in completely cold oceans, and practically the agricultural volcanoes itself and in ocean faults, where the temperature rolls. But these are extreme conditions and all this may be proof that the existence of a carbon-based life can be on other planets, which we still consider unsuitable for life.

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